Engraved Bricks Fundraising Campaigns

Engraved Bricks & Laser Impressions Brick Campaigns

With over 30 years of Experience Engravedbricks.com is run and operated by Laser Impressions, Inc. Laser Impressions Inc. is the most experienced laser engraving company in the US and a pioneer of advanced laser engraving technologies and applications. Their slogan is “If you can make it, we can mark it!

Engraved Bricks requested new websites and blogs and a series of multimedia campaigns to help their clients sell engraved bricks and tiles to their customers. Vizual Identity and Vizual Services worked together to provide database driven eCommerce Flash interfaces and administration portals to manage clients, sales, and brick/tile orders. Graphic Designs were developed by Vizual Identity Corporate Graphic Design for the engraved bricks websites, laser etching blogs, marked bricks campaigns pages, and Flash media. Web and Database Programming, Flash Development, and Corporate Security Programming services by Vizual Services LLC. Continue reading