Downloadable font on firefox: bad URI or cross-site access not allowed for fonts

When using cool fonts in CSS and the display is off in Firefox, you may find the Error Console declare, “Downloadable font on firefox: bad URI or cross-site access not allowed” as a cause. This simply means that Firefox is trying to improve security for your benefit. Since you control what your pages may access, including content from other domains, such as a devoted font server, you simply modify your .htaccess file as follows.

Place this code somewhere in the .htaccess file, update the server where the fonts are being served, and TEST! Remember that the .htaccess file must be modified on the Font Server, not the Web Server, since Firefox is requiring permission from the Font Server to access those fonts. Technically you can access them in a separate request, so the whole issue seems nutty.

<FilesMatch “\.(ttf|otf|eot|woff)$”>
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”

Where Spam Comes From

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For anyone plagued by junk e-mails, the question that often baffles most is how did the spammers get your address. US researchers at the Center for Democracy and Technology set out to answer this question in the summer of 2002. They found that e-mail addresses posted on websites or in newsgroups attract the most spam. Spam is estimated to account for up to 40% of global e-mail traffic and is causing a massive headache for businesses, which are losing billions in productivity. Continue reading

PHP Headers Example Code for Redirects & Authentication Headers

PHP is not limited to outputting html. PHP can output images, pdf, javascript files, etc.Browsers determine what type of content is by analyzing the headers sent.In this tutorial I will present you with some examples of how to send headers.To send PHP header use the function header(). You must call this function before any output.Use the function headers_sent() to check whether the headers have been sent and output started.

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Developing PHP Credit Card Validation Applications

Web sites developed to handle eCommerce need to accept and handle payments, usually paid by credit cards. Since everyone knows credit cards can be stolen or forged, it is obvious that credit card validation is mandatory. PHP web developers can program pre-validation applications to validate credit cards using PHP programming before sending validated credit card data to merchant handlers. The quality of the merchant requests with credit card information is increased dramatically. Continue reading

Using PHPMyAdmin to Update WordPress Password

Yikes, you lost your WordPress password for someone else, and want to update it manually. You have PHPMyAdmin access, and want to get this done fast. Navigate in PHPMyAdmin to the Users table. Select the profile to edit and enterr the new password in the password field. Make sure to change the function dropMenu to MD5 before updating. Update the record and viola, you’ve updated the profile.

Wordpress MD5 Password Change

Security Developers Language Preferences

PHP Programming is frequently misunderstood and misperceived as less than the powerful and secure programming language that it is. Much like the distinct preference bikers adhere to, with a built-in dislike for what others ride, regardless of the facts… Programmers and wannabe programmers tend to adhere to what they were first exposed to or what their first development teams advised them on. Administration types who lack programming or development knowledge learn key phrases and tag lines from exposure to security developers and security programmers. Continue reading

Utah Web Developers

The PHP Kemist provides advanced web site development and is located in Utah. Web developers differ from web programmers and we offer both. It is important to understand the difference between web developers and web programmers. Developers are often mistaken as programmers, and web developers might mistake themselves for web programmers.

Web developers provide graphical interface layout services and simple static navigation for web sites. This is a crucial step in web development, but is a fraction of the work required to build an eCommerce shopping cart web site or a member management web site. It is a very small component of web site administration. Continue reading

Web Administration Developers

There is a world of web development devoted to the administration of websites that is based in advanced PHP & MySQL Programming. Using a MySQL Database to store whatever information is at hand, and using PHP Programming to connect the administrator with the database, the only component left to define is the user interface. With effective design and development, custom web administration interfaces can be simple to use, extremely effective for business management, and relatively inexpensive to develop. Continue reading