Show and Hide Hidden Files in Apple Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, files with names that start with a dot (.) are hidden. You may have noticed some of these before, for example when copying files from your Mac to a PC where they aren’t hidden. The most common one you might bump into is the .DS_Store file that Mac OS X puts in every folder (to save various view settings), but there are all sorts of other hidden files used by all sorts of applications. Continue reading

How To Clear Apple Mail Cache

Are you sick and tired of Apple Mail displaying old images instead of new, updated images? If you are sending emails and need t tsp your layout or template, and especially if you work through numerous iterations of email testing, your Apple Mail Image Cache can be a real pain! Sure, it would be nice if Apple had a handy button that actually worked to clear the cache, but they seem more concerned with the impression of speed and performance, than the quality of content. Follow the directions below to clear your Apple Mail Cache manually. Continue reading

Where Spam Comes From

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For anyone plagued by junk e-mails, the question that often baffles most is how did the spammers get your address. US researchers at the Center for Democracy and Technology set out to answer this question in the summer of 2002. They found that e-mail addresses posted on websites or in newsgroups attract the most spam. Spam is estimated to account for up to 40% of global e-mail traffic and is causing a massive headache for businesses, which are losing billions in productivity. Continue reading

PHP Headers Example Code for Redirects & Authentication Headers

PHP is not limited to outputting html. PHP can output images, pdf, javascript files, etc.Browsers determine what type of content is by analyzing the headers sent.In this tutorial I will present you with some examples of how to send headers.To send PHP header use the function header(). You must call this function before any output.Use the function headers_sent() to check whether the headers have been sent and output started.

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