What is ksfetch and how do you stop it?


I like to keep an eye on what is happening on my Mac and a utility that I have used for a long time is MenuMeters. This is a menu bar utility that shows processor usage, disk usage, upload and download speed, and free and used memory. This utility makes it easy to spot problems that might otherwise be missed and it highlighted an issue with ksfetch. So what is it and how do you stop it? Continue reading

Email Campaign Tracking Systems – Transparent GIF & Image Methods

So, you want to track whether an email recipient views your email, and track their activity in your website? Let’s build a simple Email Tracking system, but not one with nefarious intent. Using Transparent GIF images to track emails is an old school method, albeit a valid one.

The process is rather simple at its core, but can become complex with the many layers and flavors of tracking options. In essence we want to send emails to people and discover whether they have viewed their email or not. In addition, we want to do this in a polite way, and must take note that we cannot force the recipient to reveal the fact that they viewed their email. Most email browsers today have image blocking to prevent this type of tracking system from working. The method for tracking and blocking are really one in the same. Continue reading

Decreasing Email Unsubscription Rates

As a marriage slips toward divorce, couples often seek out counselors. You can avoid a split if you understand and then address the reasons for drifting apart.

So it is with email. If you understand why people might want to leave a list, you can take steps to address the problem and keep them happily married to your offers and content.

Here are four typical reasons for unsubscribing and how you can best respond… Continue reading