RE: Episode 86: Jim Peterson’s story is truly about heart.

Former NBA player, Minnesota Timberwolves announcer for since 1998 and a heart disease survivor, Jim Peterson shares his incredible story about his first heart attack that could have ended up very differently had he not listened to what the doctor ordered.  It's an important message for us that you'll want to heed.  But that's just the beginning.  This is a discussion with a broadcaster yes, but a former player as well.  And Jim played during an era of phenomenal players like Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwan two name just two of his teammates.  He shares some fun memories of his time in the league.  We also had to have that discussion about who from back then would make it in today's NBA.  The answers may surprise you.  We'll even touch on the WNBA as Jim was a successful head coach in the WNBA as well.  He's a dear friend and one very talented guy. I think you're going to enjoy the conversation. 

RE: Grant-s Rant: 7-30-21 NBA Draft Day Grades Are Ridiculous

The 2021 NBA Draft is in the books and once again it's time for the absurdity known as draft day grades.  My question is why?  I give plenty of examples of why this annual ritual needs to go away.  Our sports media outlets continue to embarrass themselves with their “expert” analysis.  For example the Los Angeles Lakers had the second overall pick from 2015-2017.  They selected D'Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball.  The grades were A, A+ and A respectively. None of them are on the Lakers anymore.  Just plain stupid!

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-29-21 NFL Quarterbacks In The News

NFL camps are underway.  Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers made it very clear yesterday that he's pretty much running the franchise now.   In Baltimore  Lamar Jackson of the Ravens tested positive for Covid-19, the second time in eight months he's tested positive for the virus.  My question, why not get vaccinated?  The New York Jets took the field without their top draft pick QB Zach Wilson.  The second overall pick is the only player from April's draft not under contract yet.  That is very hard for me to understand!

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-28-21 NFL Distractions

NFL camps are underway and Aaron Rodgers decided to show up thanks to concessions made by the Green Bay Packers.  Isn't it nice that in 2021 star athletes making a ton of money need concessions to go to work?  In Houston the Texans begin practice today and we are still waiting word on Deshaun Watson.  Will the Texan's QB be on the field?  22 women have filed a civil suit alleging sexual assault and now 10 women have filed complaints with the Houston Department, 8 of whom are part of the civil suit.  Don't teams say they hate distractions?  It sure seems they have distractions in Green Bay and Houston!

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-27-21 Make Some Moves Kings!

The NBA draft is Thursday this week.  What's going to happen with the Sacramento Kings?  Something I sure hope.  Something has to happen because that organization is broken and to do nothing with something broken is going to yield the same result it has for a generation.  Nothing.  Hopes and promises are over.  Make some moves, Kings.  You're the leader on the chess board, make some moves. Your fans deserve better. 

RE: Episode 85: Bill Wennington talks Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and of course, Sacramento Kings

7 footer, Bill Wennington and I got to know each other a bit from his time in Sacramento primarily.  That's beside the fact that he has Long Island history.  And yes,  he hails from Canada! Once he figured out the NBA he turned it into a wonderful career.  A career that includes three championships with the Chicago Bulls from their heyday.  We talk a little bit about the character of that team as well as the others Bill has played on as well as the coaches he played under.  There's some great perspective you won't hear many other places so I hope you enjoy the discussion we have.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-26-21 An Olympic Mess

The  Tokyo Olympics are only a few days old and things couldn't be much worse.  The Opening Ceremony on NBC drew only 16.7 million U.S. viewers, a 33- year low.  As of yesterday 14 athletes had tested positive for Covid and over 100 others affiliated with the games had tested positive as well.  Team USA  Men's  Basketball team was upset by France and people are blaming the coach, Greg Popovich , who I guess doesn't know how to coach anymore.  The big question is will the Olympic Games continue to spiral downward on all fronts?

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-23-21 Oh no, not Holmes!

So it's out there.  The ugly truth is leaking out. Richaun Holmes becomes a free agent and he's talking about how nice it would be to play on a playoff caliber team.  Well, with him that wasn't the Sacramento Kings this year and without him, it's a sure bet it isn't the Kings again.  What on earth is up with this team?  First they give away Bogdan Bogdonovic for nothing more than money and no asset, and now, it looks like they could lose Richaun Holmes.  He is an absolute shining star on the team.  So Sacramento, in my opinion, you need to help Buddy Heald find the greener grass somewhere, help Marvin Bagley find somewhere he can love ( it sure isn't Sacramento) and do whatever is necessary to help Richaun Holmes see there is light at the end of the tunnel if he stays. Hey…I never said it was going to be easy.  

RE: Episode 84: Olympics, Entitled Athletes, and Winning Cultures

Can you even think about making this up?  The Olympics are beginning to rage with Covid. I have been talking about this for months.  The Olympics, in the interest of all parties, should not have been continued this year.  Life is more fragile than any monetary consideration.  Let's simply hope these already challenged Olympics do not become any sort of a political platform for any of our athletes.  All this and more on today's program.  I hope you'll reach out and leave me your thoughts as well. On YouTube (If you don't like that with Grant Napear) or Twitter @grantnapearshow.

RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-22-21 Bucks Title Lucky? Come On!

It's hard to believe, but many are saying the Milwaukee Bucks championship was lucky.  In round 2 of the NBA Playoffs the Bucks played the Brooklyn Nets without Kyrie Irving and an injured James Harden.  I don't recall anyone on the Bucks blowing off his team the way Harden did in Houston.  I also don't recall anyone on the Bucks taking three leaves of absence and making a mockery about talking to the media the way Irving did.  I know not everyone can be as classy as Giannis Antetokounmpo, but the Bucks handled their business the right way and hey most teams have to have some luck to win a title.  Can't hold that against them!