RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-7-21 Ruining the beauty of professional sports.

Show up to work if and when you please.  Collect a paycheck each year in the multi-millions of dollars.  Disregard your teammates, your team, the city you represent and the league that makes it all possible for you.  Embarrass those who count on you.  Disrespect the leadership that brought you where you are.  Disgrace the very people who cover for your unacceptable, inexcusable and irrational behavior.  And then, disparage and demean those whose livelihood is based on your input.  Yeah.  I'm talking about one Brooklyn Nets player in the NBA.   Kyrie Irving.    But wait, there's more!  It's in today's podcast.  

RE: Episode 62: A look back and a look forward with 5 time all-star, Steve Sax.

He was rookie of the year, a five time all-star and has two championships under his belt, Steve Sax has quite a bit too say and one heck of a lot of not only great stories but stories of some of the all-time greats that were his teammates.  We talk teams, coaches, Tommy Lasorda and Tony LaRussa, west coast, east coast.  The game, the players and the batting today have changed a lot and we share observations and frustrations.  Mattingly and Gibson and Ryan were all experiences on the field with Steve, and so many more.  We laugh and lament the game.  I know you'll enjoy the discussion so join us for a little learning, a little history and a lot of fun.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-6-21 Hey Sacramento, the Phoenix Suns a likely top seed?

Now how about that?  In spite of the picks over the last few years, in spite of the talent of the other teams in the division, and in spite of the star power of much bigger names, the Phoenix Suns are going to end up one of the upper echelon teams going into the playoffs this year.  Hmmm.  Should have been the Kings but they can't seem to figure it out.  In spite of a new GM, and some great talent on the floor.  Go figure.  Phoenix blunders their draft picks, and still has a strong team.  Sacramento take note for next year.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-5-21 Not again, Lebron, please not again.

Maybe the league's biggest hypocrite is at it again.  Still bitchin' and moanin' and gripin' about the play in process.  And those mighty Los Angeles Lakers are only one game away from that 7th seed.  Can you imagine?  If Lebron doesn't like the play in and his team ends up there, he's really going to hate it.  Especially if they lose!  This is getting interesting wouldn't you agree?  Let's talk about it.

RE: Episode 61: Aaron is whinin’ and Lebron is complainin’. Oh C’mon now.

So what is it really?  What do you want Aaron?  What soured you on the Green Bay Packers and who do you think you are anyway?  Fire the GM?  Yeah right.  Like that's your call.  I sure hope it's not.  Just go retire and be quiet.  And then there's Lebron James with the Lakers mouthing off again after a couple of rough losses.  Too bad bud.  Yeah, you're slipping into the lower tier of  teams for the “play in” to the playoffs.  Funny, when you were top seeded and looking good, you had no problem with it.  All of a sudden , now you're screamin' about how stupid it is.  We're going to talk about that a bit today as well as sharing some comments from Terry Bradshaw about the NFL QB's.  We have a lot in common.  Let's talk about it all a bit and let me know your thoughts as well.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-4-21 The Kings Redemption.

Credit where credit is due.  The Sacramento Kings could have given up and waved the white flag after the Utah Jazz spanked 'em hard last week. But they didn't.  They stepped up and beat the Lakers at home, then swept the Dallas Mavericks for the season with a win in Dallas.  Two big wins on the road.  Good for them and it shows, they aren't giving up.  It's still about winning and the embarrassment of that 154-105 loss shows they can turn it on.  And that's without D'Aaron Fox.  So good for them.  But there's more today… I have an issue with Luka Doncic and his complaining.  Hear it all on today's rant.  And again, well done Kings.  Well done.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-3-21 Forty million and still unhappy?

So what's up with professional athletes today?  $20-$30-$40 million dollars a year and they want to leave they're teams?  That's not enough?  Sports betting is  changing the way players decide on their longevity and loyalty to a team, in my opinion.  And now, Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay.  Really?  When is enough enough and when does management at the team level get back in control?  Aren't they the ones paying the salaries after all?  What do you think?  Are you inclined to watch more or less sports today than you did just a few years back?  Let me know.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-30-21 154 to 105, need I say more?

Yes, the entire NBA is talking about it and every NBA fan is keenly aware of it.  That was the score when the Utah Jazz visited the Sacramento Kings on Wed.  What do you call that? It's beyond embarrassing. I call it gutless.  The Kings did not come out to play and it showed.  Two good things:  They've insured their place at the bottom of the league's defenses without a doubt and they've absolutely guaranteed another losing season.  Here's the good news that Kings fans can be assured of, like the last 14 years in a row, they can now say it one more time…there's always next year.  Do you think the fans in the arena asked for their money back? Hear more on today's podcast.  

RE: Episode 60: Lebron James Hypocrisy

Why such little heat on Lebron James for his tweet earlier this week about putting a bullseye on the back of a police officer?  Why no comment from the NBA?  Lebron is a phenom when it comes to the sport of basketball, but he's a destructive  force when it comes to social issues.  Could his 50 million followers make an impact if he asked?  Could he help rather than deter?  Could the African American community benefit from his endorsement?  Hear my opinion and observation of his hypocrisy in today's podcast.

RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-29-21 Draft day grading, why?

The big day is finally here and we're going to be inundated with all the drafts and picks from the various teams.  Sure, it's going to be interesting.  And entertaining.  And in some ways completely stupid.  Teams and picks are going to get “graded”.  That's right. Like in grammar school.  Let's call it old school.  Just look at teams and picks that got high “grades” last year and see what that meant for them as the season wore on.  Not so much.  Right? How about 2018 “grades” for the Jets and the Cardinals?  A's and A+'s. Hey, I'm not kidding.  Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen.  A's.  As in really good grades.  And where are they now?  How did that work out.  So what about those “grades”.  Retro-“grades” F.  Let's talk about it on today's rant.