RE: Episode 108: Jon Gruden Follow Up

Amazing what a difference a few hours can make.  Jon Gruden has resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders after reports of anti-gay, misogynistic language used in emails.  The emails also showed complete disregard for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  Bottom line, Gruden has no one to blame, but himself!

RE: Episode 107: Jon Gruden and Race!

Today's episode deals with Friday's Wall Street Journal article on Jon Gruden.  I talk about what I feel is a massive overreaction.  Gruden at 58 is now all of a sudden a racist? How come his body of work isn't being looked at?  How come no former, or current player as of today has come out to say Gruden is a racist?   Lord knows we have a lot of problems in this country relating to race, but was Gruden's comments about De Maurice Smith racist?  I certainly don't think so!

RE: Grant’s Rant: 10-11-21 Gruden Now a Racist???

The Wall Street Journal came out with a story on Friday revealing an email Jon Gruden wrote ten years ago.  In that email he referenced NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith with 'rubber lips”….a term Gruden uses for people who lie.  That doesn't seem to matter though.  Smith claimed racism in a statement he released…the NFL threw Gruden under the bus and said they are investigating the matter.  Has anyone ever used Gruden and racism in the same sentence?  Now all of a sudden the man is a racist!  How sad!!!!

RE: Episode 106: ESPN Hypocrisy and Bad Draft Picks!

ESPN is at it again.  This time they took  Sage Steele of the air for comments made on Jay Cutler's podcast.  ESPN's public statement made no sense to me and I discuss on the show. I also talked about bad draft picks in the NBA and NFL.  It mystifies me how so many teams make mistakes at the top of the drafts.  And I wrap up the show talking about the MLB Playoffs.

RE: Grant’s Rant: 10-8-21 Ex NBA Players In Big Trouble

18 former NBA players have been charged with defrauding the league's health and welfare benefit plan.  One of the players. .  According to the indictment the players ripped off nearly $4 million.  One of the players in the indictment Tony Allen made over $40 million over his career.  Do the math….it is hard to understand why a guy who made that much is trying to rip off the league for a relatively small amount!