RE: Episode 110: NFL’S Double Standards and Hypocrisy!

On today's show I talk about Jon Gruden and the noise his resignation has created in this country.  I read an article by Phil Mushnick from the New York Post detailing the hypocrisy of Roger Goodell when it comes to the league's messaging.  Mushnick feels the Super Bowl halftime shows are a great illustration of the league's double standards when it comes to race and ethics.  He references Snoop Dog among others as examples of the league's mixed messaging!  Do you agree with Mushnick or is rap music just entertainment like going to the movies?

RE: Episode 109: Talking CFB With Tim Brando Of Fox Sports

On today's  show I talk with Tim Brando of Fox Sports.  We start off talking about the Cincinnati Bearcats and their lack of ranked teams on the schedule.  Tim feels they are deserving of their ranking. We also talk about Alabama, Georgia and the uptick of the Kentucky Wildcats.  Tim has great insight to college football after being  involved for many decades.  Tim also shares stories of the late Beano Cook!