RE: Grant’s Rant: 7-23-21 Oh no, not Holmes!

So it's out there.  The ugly truth is leaking out. Richaun Holmes becomes a free agent and he's talking about how nice it would be to play on a playoff caliber team.  Well, with him that wasn't the Sacramento Kings this year and without him, it's a sure bet it isn't the Kings again.  What on earth is up with this team?  First they give away Bogdan Bogdonovic for nothing more than money and no asset, and now, it looks like they could lose Richaun Holmes.  He is an absolute shining star on the team.  So Sacramento, in my opinion, you need to help Buddy Heald find the greener grass somewhere, help Marvin Bagley find somewhere he can love ( it sure isn't Sacramento) and do whatever is necessary to help Richaun Holmes see there is light at the end of the tunnel if he stays. Hey…I never said it was going to be easy.