RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-25-21 Marvin does it again.

The title of today's rant pretty much says it all only this time it was really about as dumb as it gets.  We all know Marvin Bagley and his “supportive” family have an issue with Sacramento.  That's not much of a secret but now the full truth is out and Marvin wants out of dodge.  He's removed the team from his social accounts and “liked” a tweet suggesting he needs to get out of Sacramento.  Even though who the heck would want him?  We're not sure he's as good as he thinks he is, or as his daddy thinks he is or as his uncle thinks he is.  Heck, he's never been healthy enough to play out a season and when he was playing, well, we're just not sure.  Marvin, I sure hope you're NOT playing for Sacramento next year as the market is beginning to think you and the circus surrounding you are all clowns and if you do show up on the court, the Kings loyal will boo you off the court.  Which is exactly what they should do.  Grow up and go away young man.  Goodbye.