RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-21-21 The animals run wild in the NBA.

Wow, what a weekend for the NBA!  Surprises for many. Hawks and Bucks go wild.  So, can we expect an apology ever, from Dallas Maverick's Head Coach, Rick Carlisle?  Recall, he bashed the front office of the Atlanta Hawks for the “insane” move in getting rid of their previous head coach and putting in Nate McMillan in the interim. Looks like it was a pretty good move to me, Rick.  How is it watching on TV in Dallas vs on the court in Atlanta?  And how about them Milwaukee Bucks.  I've been critical of them and did not think they would be able to pull it off. But luckily for them, Harden did what Harden does in the playoffs.  Very little. And with Kyrie out, even Kevin Durant couldn't single handedly make it happen. But boy did he give it a great effort.  Kudos to you and the class act of recognizing the the victors in a well played game all the way thru overtime.  And then there's Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia '76ers.  Let's talk about him for a minute.  And I do, in today's rant.