RE: Episode 73: Say “Goodbye” Green Bay, he’s gone.

I want to share a little about my relationship with a guy I know has changed considerably today on the show and that's Aaron Rodgers.  He grew up in Chico, not far from Sacramento where I had my show.  He was a big Sacramento Kings fan and knew me as a result.  I've seen the change, many have talked about the change, and now, of course, Green Bay is suffering the consequence and embarrassment of the changed Aaron Rodgers.  I'll talk more about they guy I got to know a bit more on the show today but I'll go on the record as saying, he's gone.  He won't be playing in Green Bay this season and for that, a lot of people are rightfully disappointed.  Let me know how you feel about it. Am I right?  Wrong?  Reach out and I'll be sure to answer.