RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-14-21 Le ‘Veon Bell is exactly where he belongs.

What is up with these guys who go out on social media and then realize what a bad move that was?  Then try to correct whatever it was they said and make it worse.  Then can't stop trying to convince everyone what they said wasn't really what they said and that they wish they hadn't said it in first place.  So Le 'Veon Bell blasts Kansas City Cheifs head coach Andy Reid and then expects some other team to look to him as a good fit on their team?  It's not like he's a hot commodity any longer.  Folk like Bell really need to look in the mirror and see what the person looking back at them is trying to do.  There's only one person responsible for what happens to them and I can assure you that person is the one looking back in the mirror.  You can't blame your way to fame.  C'mon Le 'Veon, if you're really all that, let's see if you can convince a coach you're a good addition to the team and then if you're fortunate enough to land a spot somewhere in the NFL, let's see you do something.  It may be time for you to retire…with or without Coach Reid involved in the decision.