RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-4-21 Does De’Aaron Fox demand a trade next year?

So if you're De'Aaron Fox, and many of the younger rookies are in the playoffs, how long before you say get me outta here, Monte?  Think about it.  Players all over the place are demanding trades and getting their wishes.  Somebody brought this to my attention recently as it wasn't even on my mind.  But, reality is the Kings have been terrible.  They've had change after change to no positive effect, have made what I and many others would consider awful trades and it all shows in year after year of  losing seasons.  You can't argue that. For a player like De'Aaron, where's the bright spot?  In my opinion, the Kings have one more year to get it together or I would suggest, De'Aaron pushes hard to get out.  Let me know how you feel about it.  I think Kings fans do have something to worry about because I'm certainly not sure about what next year is going to look like.  Bottom line is it had better look good.