RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-1-21 Kyrie’s little dance on “Lucky’s” face, not so cool, dude.

You probably have already heard about the Boston fan who allegedly fired a water bottle at Kyrie Irving last night after the Brooklyn  Nets victory over the Boston Celtics.   What an idiot! What is wrong with people?  Good news is he's been arrested for assault and battery and will be going on trial for his ignorant and immature stupidity.  This is absolutely what should happen too and I applaud the Boston authorities for doing the right thing.  Now, there was an another immature actor on the court and that was Brooklyns' Kyrie Irving who subtly went over to the Boston Logo and stepped on the face of “Lucky”, the character in the logo and then let his foot rub and drag across the face of the character. No accident.  Fully intentional.  C'mon now! How foolishly immature can you you be?  You're a professional and the least you can do is respect the other team's home court.  Enough Kyrie, enough.  Grow up.