RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-26-21 Who blinks first in Green Bay?

Aaron Rodgers continues his little game with the Packers front office by not naming names and airing his dirt publicly.  He's going to play the spoiled brat routine and just beat around the bush instead of saying what he really wants and what he would like to happen.  He wants GM Brian Gutekunst out, or he wants out.  Good for Green Bay's leadership in that they aren't leaning into the game.  Players, as good as they may be and Aaron is good, don't run the show.  There are players and there are managers.  The co-exist and a good one of either does not threaten to hurt the team because of an action the other may have performed.  Last I checked, neither had “owner” after their names.  Get it together guys.  Enough is enough.