RE: Grant’s Rant: 4-1-21 So what will the NBA do to address Kevin Durant’s messaging to Brian Rapaport?

Nope, this is no April Fools joke.  Kevin Durant and Brian Rapaport have been privately feuding over his comments about an earlier interview this year with Charles Barclay.  Apparently, Kevin has upped his personal vendetta with regular, even daily comments to Brian and the most recent spate of them has clearly crossed the line into vulgarity and more.  Not professional, not mature, and not within the league standards of conduct.  So what will the NBA do to address this?  We'll have to watch and see if there's a double standard and we'll know by the response they give to what was recently shared on social media.  Of course, where else would it have created such an issue?  I'm really getting aggravated with the lack of decency being displayed by so many when it comes to personal attacks via social media.  This is just another example.