RE: Grant’s Rant: 2-12-21 Mark Cuban, another arrogant billionaire breaking tradition.

So Mark Cuban makes a decision against the NBA ruling to play the national anthem. Really Mark? Business is that good that you want to alienate a portion of your fan base? You may be worth billions, (yes, billions folks) but the average Mavericks fan is in a whole lot different position than you. And you choose to thumb your nose at the national anthem in spite of what the league expects. If I’m not mistaken, you are a franchisee and if the league expects franchisees play the national anthem, you likely had best play it. It’s not your decision to make. Ask your fans in Texas how they feel about it and let them decide. Better yet, abide by the agreement you signed when you were fortunate enough to have been awarded the privilege of being an NBA owner. Enough is enough of the arrogance of billionaires.