RE: Grant’s Rant: 12-16-20 It’s 2020 so why should the NFL make any sense?

So Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wants to go out and play a round of golf with Bruce Ahrens. NFL says NO!!! You could jeopardize the NFL season. And that’s where it’s got to be a 2020 thing. You can sweat, you can bleed, you can hug each other and exchange bodily fluids on the field or in practice during the week but DO NOT GO PLAY GOLF OUTSIDE. Oh c’mon now. And then there’s the San Francisco 49rs. Let’s all celebrate a defensive play in the end-zone. So what if we’re losing, let’s all look like idiots on the field and put on a show. Hear how I really feel about this nonsense in today’s rant. Yes sir. It’s 2020.