The Activity Window is Missing From Safari

Many people are asking, “Where has the Activity Window gone in Safari 6.0?” The Activity Window in Safari allows us to see which files are downloading, which are not loading, which ones have errors, etc. As well, it gives us direct access to the files we’ve downloaded behind the scenes, such as movies and other media types.

It has been suggested that anyone can download an earlier version of Safari at, however, Apple’s Nazis make sure you can’t run any software on their OS if it doesn’t meet their mustard. So, Safari 5.1.7 cannot run on Mac OS X 7 and higher, thus eliminating this as a viable avenue for accessing the Activity Window functionality.

Despite the bad rap Apple has for being the new Nazi Nation, which is duly deserved, the Activity Window is actually still intact in a new form. There are a few simple steps for those who have not previously used the Developer Mode, and fewer for those who have.

1. Open Safari preferences using COMMAND-, or the menu option under Safari > Preferences.
Safari Advanced Preferences Screen Shot

2. The Advanced Tab has a checkbox at the bottom to Show Develop menu in menu bar, which should be checked.

3. Now in Developer Mode, the menu options have been enhanced. You should now see “Develop” in the main menubar.

Safari Menu Bar

4. Under the Develop menubar option, there are some great features, one of which is the new Activity Window, now called “Show Page Resources.” Admittedly, this is more descriptive of what the Activity Window has been, historically.

Safari Develop, Page Resources Drop Menu

5. There is some up-to-speed time required for this new interface, but it’s worth your time. If you have been frustrated by the lack of the Activity Window, this will get you back on the right path to less frustration and less time spent blaming the Nazi Nation for obfuscating something that was important to us.

Page Resources for Apple Discussions

A last comment is that where the previous Activity Window showed resources for every tab and window that was open, the Page Resources are now distinct to each tab or window. This is a great improvement, where previously it became very confusing to track resources when many tabs were open at the same time. This often meant having to close tabs and windows that would have otherwise been useful in whatever process was underway. Now we can manage distinct Page Resources windows without closing any tabs or window, and keep easier track of resources and their meanings.