What Is Deprecated Code And Why Should I Upgrade My Server?

By definition, “deprecate” means to look upon something in a poor light, or as lower quality. In reference to code, deprecation refers to code that is not considered up to date and is likely to lose community or company support. The deprecation process applies to all code languages, including PHP Programming. Understanding the deprecation process is important for owners of websites that use dynamic programming such as PHP, JAVA, ASP, CFM, and others.

Languages are typically released and supported in versions, which are usually given numeric references. PHP started out near PHP v1 and has grown through PHP v5. Each time the PHP language expands and improves, it is packaged up into a new version of PHP. The transition from v4 to v5 was a significant change to the language for its ability and command set. Although PHP v5 contains the vast majority of the commands from PHP v4, there are some PHP commands that were dropped and some that are brand new to PHP v5.

It is the removal of some commands in the upgrade process that causes code deprecation. Since PHP v5 does not support a handful of old, outdated commands, they will not operate when running on a server that does not offer PHP v4. This is a real problem for websites that were programmed in PHP v4 and need to run on a PHP v5 server! So, what the heck to do??

Well, PHP Programmers must keep clients aware of the latest version of PHP and to program with the best fitting language for the client’s web hosting server. The latest version of HP should be selected for both the web hosting server as well as the version used for web and database programming. This is the point where owners ask themselves, “Who the heck was my programmer and what version did they use for my site?” That’s an important question.

Website owners must ask their programmers what version of the selected language is to be used, and how well does it fit with the target web hosting server. Unfortunately, there are still MANY PHP Programmers stuck back on PHP v3, never mind the programmers who haven’t been programming PHP v5 for the past year! Why, you might ask yourself? The answer is simple…

Programmers, designers, and other professionals tend to spend the least amount of time, energy and money staying up to date on the latest and greatest. Why upgrade, spend more money, or take time away from their existing income when they can keep selling the same old stuff? As long as clients remain in the dark about code deprecation, we will continue to see websites stop working on servers that must eventually upgrade and stop supporting old programming language versions.

Programmers often show up to write your code, then disappear into the dark, or go back to work at their day jobs in the morning. The relationship between owners and programmers is often too casual and the caveats of code deprecation creep up on owners who may find themselves scrambling to rectify a dysfunct website.

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