SWsoft Releases Plesk 8.2 for Windows and Linux/Unix!

The latest release of SWsoft Plesk 8.2, the leading multi-platform control panel, includes over 30 new features for Linux and Windows users. Service providers can upgrade to Plesk 8.2 by downloading the new version.

The release of SWsoft Plesk 8.2 continues SWsoft’s OPEN FUSION initiative of enabling integration of all types of web hosting software. The new release includes two OPEN FUSION methodologies, Application Packaging Standard (APS) and Single Sign On (SSO). These new technologies allow you to improve your service offerings by offering your customers a growing number of applications, all integrated with Plesk, that have been written to the APS standard.

Additionally there are two exciting add-on products that are now available on both the Linux/Unix and Windows platform: Plesk Anti-Virus Powered by Kaspersky and the MIVA Merchant module. With over 30 new features and capabilities, Plesk remains the true leader in multi-platform control panels.

Download SWsoft Plesk 8.2

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