The Importance of Establishing An SEO Baseline For SEO Programming

When pursuing search engine optimization and SEO Programming, it is important to establish an SEO Baseline. The SEO Baseline is a collection of data for the different aspects of an SEO Campaign such that changes to existing trends and new trend developments stand out during analysis. Without an established SEO Baseline, optimization for search engines and SEO Programming are done somewhat in the dark for a period of time. New SEO Campaigns have certain aspects of diminished view associated with startup as it is. It is the established trends from SEO Reports and Analysis that are required to know what works, what doesn’t, what to avoid, and what to pursue harder.

The best first thing to do with any SEO Campaign is to find any traffic data for an existing site, and get traffic tracking installed if it is missing. If new web development is to be provided, there will be some period of time before the new launch takes place, during which at least some data can be collected to establish as much baseline as possible. this simple step can reduce the dark period of data discovery by as much as half. A standard period of baseline discovery may be anywhere between a few weeks for a simple site to a few months for a complex site.

The PHP Kemist tries to install traffic tracking as soon as possible. Even if you are only exploring our services and products, we will help you get your traffic tracking installed.

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