Link Relevance In PHP Web Site Design

If your PHP Web Site is intended to drive traffic and SEO is important, then link relevance is critical to your PHP Web Site structure. Search engines learn about your site be evaluating many site aspects, including your link structure and how relevant the links are to the targets they point at. Both the content of the link as well as the code that structures the link require attention. Once designed and deployed efficiently, search engines will better understand your site, associate your pages with the correct key words, and display you more efficiently to their users.

The linked content is where the focus lies, not so much the text or content around the link. Have you ever seen links that simply say, “Click Here” and that’s it? That text tells the search engine that the link views the target page or site as having the subject of “click here” instead of the actual subject. If this link pointed either internally or externally to a page that was actually about Chicken Feed Formulas, there is a total disconnect.

A variant of the above error is linking with text that contains subject skewing text. If the the text in the link above were “Click Here For Chicken Feed Formulas it would be more accurate, but stil not yet optimized. Search engines will view this link as including the keywords “Click,” “Here,” and “For” and they aren’t good keywords. “For” would likely be ignored by search engines, and you’d think they’d ignore such old school words as Click and Here.

Rather than hope the Good SEO Fairy looks kindly on such lazy errors and saves your rank, it’s easy to simply structure links correctly while doing your Web Site Programming. Users can read the text whether it’s in the link or not, and will understand what they are supposed to do… click the link. Keep random text out of the link and activate only the pertinent keywords. Structure the link well to match the target page or site content. In the example below, the appropriate keywords are activated, as well as titled, but the directions are outside the active area. Search engines can now interpret the link correctly and your links become more relevant to the material they are pointing to.

Click Here For Chicken Feed Formulas

Persistent attention to link structure and content is vital to a successful SEO campaign. There is usually more than one way to describe the target content, as well as more than one keyword or key phrase to optimize for. The target material may be about Chicken Feed Formulas, How To Mix Chicken Feed, and How To Feed Chickens. That gives us at least three key phrases to optimize for, as well as there combinations of keywords. Create multiple links in your page using variation of the keywords and phrase, all linking to the same target. This gives the search engine more indication of the intended target material, and improves your internal or external link count and structural complexity.

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