Ultimate Video Gaming Chairs

Ultimate Game Chair $499.99

Ultimate Game Chair $499.99

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· Pillowtop Leather Recliner For Hours Of Extreme Gaming

· 12 Strategically Distributed Feedback Motors

· Variable Output On All 3 Vibration Sensation Levels

· Powered & Adjustable Simulated Surround Speakers

· Split Handcontrollers store inside armrest

· Personal Headset Jack

· Extra Port Built-In For Other Great Gaming Accessories

· Compatible With…

· X-Box™ And X-Box Live™

· Playstation 2™ And PS Online™

· Sony PSX™ And PC USB (2.0)

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Ay Carumba! The Utimate Game Chair is truly the best video game chair on the market by far. It’s the most comfortable video gamer accessory we’ve ever tried. As a game chair for Xbox 360 or as a game chair for Playstation 3, we found this the most comfortable game chair available. We found extended game time more comfortable an certainly more compelling. After hours of strategic game play with realistic gun shots, explosions, and sports tackles, we just couldn’t stop playing.

Our wives thought the massage chair features were pretty darned cool too, especially since the game chair has built in audio speakers for their soothing music. It’s like an audio game chair combined with a video game chair. What a great bonus that they approved of our game chairs! A happy wife makes for a happy video gamer.

My son plays in the Raptor game chair while I use the Ultimate game chair. He thinks the floor lighting under the chair is “way cool” and he likes to play with the game chair buttons on the side. The custom game controllers on the Ultimate game chair were a hit, but he still likes using the wireless game controllers he got for Christmas. Befre long we’ll have to get another Raptor game chair for my daughter.

The bottom line on these chairs is that they were worth every penny we paid for them. We’d recommend them to anyone who is even moderately interested in video games and is looking for the perfect video game accessory. They create the perfect game room environment!

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