Developing PHP Credit Card Validation Applications

Web sites developed to handle eCommerce need to accept and handle payments, usually paid by credit cards. Since everyone knows credit cards can be stolen or forged, it is obvious that credit card validation is mandatory. PHP web developers can program pre-validation applications to validate credit cards using PHP programming before sending validated credit card data to merchant handlers. The quality of the merchant requests with credit card information is increased dramatically. Continue reading

Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities

Web application security is often viewed incorrectly as a set of server and host-based security issues, rather than code-level and configuration-based security vulnerabilities. Although servers and hosts may still be the cause for exploitations, it is critical that security professionals recognize the major impact of poorly written web applications as well as how their applications and servers are configured separately and in combination. The Internet is increasingly responsible for handling and storing information and files of a sensitive nature requiring security and protection. Keeping hackers at bay and assuring the privacy of private and proprietary documents is paramount. Below are the top ten security vulnerabilities and how Security Programmers mediate these to prevent exploitation.

Security Web Programmers are often not given the clout nor the attention they deserve. Security programmers apply a much higher degree of attention, detail, and time to programming. Secure software may require more time and money than insecure software. A comparison must be made between the cost of securing web applications, and an insecure web application bringing the business down or releasing sensitive information to potentially nefarious hackers. Continue reading

Combining Javascript And PHP Programming In Web Pages

PHP Programmers will discover that combining Javascript and PHP Programming can be a challenge. The first thing they discover is that PHP tags do not work inside Javascript tags. The general purpose of combining Javascript and PHP is to control the structure and variables that Javascript is intended to handle on the client side. Following some basic principles will allow programming Javascript and PHP nicely Continue reading

CLI Commands References

This is just a list of Command Line Interface CLI commands and strings for easy team reference. This is not a source for learning!

To unlock multiple files on a Mac: This will unlock the entire directory, unless you filter the directory first…
chflags -R nouchg ./

Flush DNS Cache in Mac OS X 10.5 or Mac OS X 10.6
dscacheutil -flushcache

Flush your DNS Cache in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
lookupd -flushcache

What Is Deprecated Code And Why Should I Upgrade My Server?

By definition, “deprecate” means to look upon something in a poor light, or as lower quality. In reference to code, deprecation refers to code that is not considered up to date and is likely to lose community or company support. The deprecation process applies to all code languages, including PHP Programming. Understanding the deprecation process is important for owners of websites that use dynamic programming such as PHP, JAVA, ASP, CFM, and others. Continue reading

PHP Headers: Status Code Definitions (Reference List)

The following list is taken from W3 and posted here for easy reference. These are to be used for various situations when you want to override the default status sent by the server. Situations include when your content is deleted, but you do not want the search engine to see a broken link or missing page. If your content moves to a new location, you can inform browsers and engines to permanently look to the new location, not the old one. Keep the original page and return a header with the example below. Make sure your headers are sent BEFORE any content is sent, else you will likely get an error, or the header may be ignored. Explanations of each Status Code is included below. Please refer to W3 for latest updates and additions.

Example: header(‘HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently’); Continue reading

Automating Image Uploads And MySQL Database Tracking

These days everyone wants to upload their images to a web application. Whether it’s a free public site like Photobucket, or an eCommerce Web Site like Shutterstock or Flickr, the concepts are the same. The intent is to provide a system for web users with no web programming skills, which lets them upload a single file, and do nothing else. The result is the automated manipulation of image uploads into thumbnails, various intermediate sizes, perhaps retaining the original image upload, and tracking all components with a MySQL Database. Continue reading

Finding Longitude & Latitude From Google Maps

This is a really simple problem to solve. Simply navigate to the map position you want the Google Maps longitude and latitude for. Make sure your focal point is at the center of the map frame. Into your browser’s address field type and enter the following string:


The quote marks after “prompt(” should be two single apostrophe marks. You should get a Javascript popup window showing you the data you need in the correct format for use with Google Maps API. Make sure you signup for your free API Key, which provides unlimited access to Google Maps for specified domains/directories.

Using JavaScript to Embed QuickTime Content

Apple provides a JavaScript utility to generate the required tags to embed QuickTime content in a web page. Using this utility greatly simplifies the necessary code to embed a movie, as it automatically supplies such information as the QuickTime Class ID, code base, and plugins page. This has two main advantages over typing the tags manually: it requires much less code; and it works seamlessly with Internet Explorer for Windows, versions 6 and later, avoiding the “Click OK to enable ActiveX control” dialog box. Continue reading