Where Spam Comes From

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For anyone plagued by junk e-mails, the question that often baffles most is how did the spammers get your address. US researchers at the Center for Democracy and Technology set out to answer this question in the summer of 2002. They found that e-mail addresses posted on websites or in newsgroups attract the most spam. Spam is estimated to account for up to 40% of global e-mail traffic and is causing a massive headache for businesses, which are losing billions in productivity. Continue reading

PHP Headers Example Code for Redirects & Authentication Headers

PHP is not limited to outputting html. PHP can output images, pdf, javascript files, etc.Browsers determine what type of content is by analyzing the headers sent.In this tutorial I will present you with some examples of how to send headers.To send PHP header use the function header(). You must call this function before any output.Use the function headers_sent() to check whether the headers have been sent and output started.

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Validating VIN Numbers With PHP & MySQL Programming

VIN numbers are used by the automotive industry to uniquely identify vehicles from each other. They are therefore unique strings like a Social Security Number for a US citizen. VIN numbers went into effect in 1980 and are defined in segments that designate identifying references with a numerical serial at the end. VIN numbers are 17 character, non-delimited, alphanumeric strings that do not include the letters I (i), O (o), or Q(q). A more detailed definition of VIN number structure can be found on Wikipedia.

PHP & MySQL programming provide VIN number validation as well as segment lookups to verify the manufacturer, year, make, model and body style. PHP is used to first check that VIN number is 17 continuous characters and does not include disallowed characters. PHP then splits the VIN number into segments to check the parts against a MySQL database to verify the VIN number contains valid components.

This process of VIN number validation is beneficial for data entry systems for vehicle data when input by staff. After the VIN number has been entered, and the year, make, model and body style are entered, PHP can compare the staff-entered vehicle information against the VIN number segments for each data type.

MySQL database programming allows comparisons of VIN number segments and converted segments against tables of vehicle industry data. An additional cross check is done to ensure that the make exists under the correct manufacturer, that the model exists under the make, and the body style exists under the model. In addition to checking the validity of the year code, the manufacturer-make-model-body style combination may or may not exist for certain years, and should also be verified.

VIN number validation of the string itself can be done with PHP alone, but segment comparisons and segment combination cross checks require a Lookup repository such as MySQL databases. Services exist Online to provide this service for a fee, but programming PHP & MySQL VIN number validation systems saves money and provides excellent speed.

If you need information or are looking to have your own PHP & MySQL VIN number web application, call us at 801-253-2564 and we can provide the MySQL databases and PHP programming services you need.

Email Marketing Campaigns Using PHP & MySQL

The PHP Kemist builds custom email marketing systems using PHP & MySQL programming. Reaching your member base and new customer potential is important to growing an eCommerce website. Traditional methods of email marketing can lack saturation, ignore data tracking and analysis, and defeat the main purpose of email marketing. Our custom email marketing systems provide a detailed level of design and development with granular tracking on custom marketing elements. Continue reading

eCommerce Shopping Cart Multi-Dimensional arrays

We chose to improve on the standard eCommerce shopping cart programming methodology. Although traditional methods work well, and there are many ways to tackle the same beast, our line of attack was to program more complex multi-dimensional arrays for tracking shopping cart items, quantities, flavors, styles, colors, sizes and other variables for each product. Many inventories are shallow in depth with little more than an item with a description and a price. The need arises when inventory is deep with multiple variables and ranges of values for a singe product. Continue reading

Email Campaign Tracking Systems – Transparent GIF & Image Methods

So, you want to track whether an email recipient views your email, and track their activity in your website? Let’s build a simple Email Tracking system, but not one with nefarious intent. Using Transparent GIF images to track emails is an old school method, albeit a valid one.

The process is rather simple at its core, but can become complex with the many layers and flavors of tracking options. In essence we want to send emails to people and discover whether they have viewed their email or not. In addition, we want to do this in a polite way, and must take note that we cannot force the recipient to reveal the fact that they viewed their email. Most email browsers today have image blocking to prevent this type of tracking system from working. The method for tracking and blocking are really one in the same. Continue reading

Will Apple’s Latest Browser Hurt Publishers?

Removing ads from Web pages may be an attempt to push content creators toward the iPad and iPhone.
By Stephen Cas

The latest version of Apple’s Web browser, Safari 5, sports a feature called “Reader” that concatenates the multi-page articles seen on most news sites (including Technology Review‘s) into a single scrollable window. According to Apple, the stripped down format “removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles.” Continue reading