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How To Uninstall MySQL From Mac OS X

Uninstalling a MySQL database server from a Mac OS X computer can be done manually or with the command line. It’s always advised to make backups of your databases prior to making big changes, and perhaps copying your MySQL Config file, if it’s been modified. You will need to login with a “sudo” command, or […]

Validating VIN Numbers With PHP & MySQL Programming

VIN numbers are used by the automotive industry to uniquely identify vehicles from each other. They are therefore unique strings like a Social Security Number for a US citizen. VIN numbers went into effect in 1980 and are defined in segments that designate identifying references with a numerical serial at the end. VIN numbers are […]

Email Marketing Campaigns Using PHP & MySQL

The PHP Kemist builds custom email marketing systems using PHP & MySQL programming. Reaching your member base and new customer potential is important to growing an eCommerce website. Traditional methods of email marketing can lack saturation, ignore data tracking and analysis, and defeat the main purpose of email marketing. Our custom email marketing systems provide […]

MySQL Database Index Key Corruption

We recently experienced a rare occurrence of a MySQL database index key corruption on a UNIX based server. Although the cause was not identified, the symptoms and cure were obvious and eventually simple.


Using PHPMyAdmin to Update WordPress Password

Yikes, you lost your WordPress password for someone else, and want to update it manually. You have PHPMyAdmin access, and want to get this done fast. Navigate in PHPMyAdmin to the Users table. Select the profile to edit and enterr the new password in the password field. Make sure to change the function dropMenu to […]

Professional Freelance PHP MySQL Database Programmers

We are Utah based Professional Freelance Database Programmers who specialize in MySQL Web Database Programming for websites and web applications. Our expertise is PHP & MySQL Web Database Programming and love what we do. Our Utah Database Programmers can retrofit existing websites with MySQL Databases for inventory and general administration, or create new Databases for […]

MySQL Startup Problems

Insecure Startup Item disabled.

“/Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM” has not been started because it does not have the proper security settings.

Ugh, it’s frustrating after installing a fresh MySQL database and getting road blocks like a misconfigured security setting. The cure is found in the security settings in the form of permissions.


MySQL Commands & Shortcuts

## Command to make the values in a column all lowercase UPDATE table SET colname=LOWER(colname); UPDATE table SET colname=UPPER(colname);

Building A Searchable eCommerce Web Database with PHP and MySQL

At the root of a successful eCommerce web site design is a searchable MySQL Database powered by PHP. Unless you only sell a few items that never change, you can expect your inventory to grow, require regular changes and additions, and keep you on your toes. It’s a whole different story from a point of […]

How To Send Data From Flash To ASP/PHP Without A Page Refresh

This article will deal the how to of sending form data from Adobe Flash to your PHP/ASP file so it can be inserted into a database (or manipulated for whatever other reason). The trick is making sure a new window doesn’t popup and the page doesn’t refresh to run through the ASP/PHP code. That’s the […]