How To Uninstall MySQL From Mac OS X

Uninstalling a MySQL database server from a Mac OS X computer can be done manually or with the command line. It’s always advised to make backups of your databases prior to making big changes, and perhaps copying your MySQL Config file, if it’s been modified. You will need to login with a “sudo” command, or at least when you issue the first sudo command request. You do not need to place “sudo” before every line, only the first line.

rm /usr/local/mysql
rm -rf /usr/local/mysql*
rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM
rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/MySQL*
rm -rf ~/Library/PreferencePanes/MySQL*
rm -rf /Library/Receipts/mysql*
rm -rf /Library/Receipts/MySQL*
rm -rf /var/db/receipts/com.mysql.*

Validating VIN Numbers With PHP & MySQL Programming

VIN numbers are used by the automotive industry to uniquely identify vehicles from each other. They are therefore unique strings like a Social Security Number for a US citizen. VIN numbers went into effect in 1980 and are defined in segments that designate identifying references with a numerical serial at the end. VIN numbers are 17 character, non-delimited, alphanumeric strings that do not include the letters I (i), O (o), or Q(q). A more detailed definition of VIN number structure can be found on Wikipedia.

PHP & MySQL programming provide VIN number validation as well as segment lookups to verify the manufacturer, year, make, model and body style. PHP is used to first check that VIN number is 17 continuous characters and does not include disallowed characters. PHP then splits the VIN number into segments to check the parts against a MySQL database to verify the VIN number contains valid components.

This process of VIN number validation is beneficial for data entry systems for vehicle data when input by staff. After the VIN number has been entered, and the year, make, model and body style are entered, PHP can compare the staff-entered vehicle information against the VIN number segments for each data type.

MySQL database programming allows comparisons of VIN number segments and converted segments against tables of vehicle industry data. An additional cross check is done to ensure that the make exists under the correct manufacturer, that the model exists under the make, and the body style exists under the model. In addition to checking the validity of the year code, the manufacturer-make-model-body style combination may or may not exist for certain years, and should also be verified.

VIN number validation of the string itself can be done with PHP alone, but segment comparisons and segment combination cross checks require a Lookup repository such as MySQL databases. Services exist Online to provide this service for a fee, but programming PHP & MySQL VIN number validation systems saves money and provides excellent speed.

If you need information or are looking to have your own PHP & MySQL VIN number web application, call us at 801-253-2564 and we can provide the MySQL databases and PHP programming services you need.

Email Marketing Campaigns Using PHP & MySQL

The PHP Kemist builds custom email marketing systems using PHP & MySQL programming. Reaching your member base and new customer potential is important to growing an eCommerce website. Traditional methods of email marketing can lack saturation, ignore data tracking and analysis, and defeat the main purpose of email marketing. Our custom email marketing systems provide a detailed level of design and development with granular tracking on custom marketing elements. Continue reading

Using PHPMyAdmin to Update WordPress Password

Yikes, you lost your WordPress password for someone else, and want to update it manually. You have PHPMyAdmin access, and want to get this done fast. Navigate in PHPMyAdmin to the Users table. Select the profile to edit and enterr the new password in the password field. Make sure to change the function dropMenu to MD5 before updating. Update the record and viola, you’ve updated the profile.

Wordpress MD5 Password Change

Professional Freelance PHP MySQL Database Programmers

We are Utah based Professional Freelance Database Programmers who specialize in MySQL Web Database Programming for websites and web applications. Our expertise is PHP & MySQL Web Database Programming and love what we do. Our Utah Database Programmers can retrofit existing websites with MySQL Databases for inventory and general administration, or create new Databases for new websites using MySQL Programming. As Professional Freelance PHP Programmers, we offer a variety of custom programming services and design solutions around your individual project needs.

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Building A Searchable eCommerce Web Database with PHP and MySQL

At the root of a successful eCommerce web site design is a searchable MySQL Database powered by PHP. Unless you only sell a few items that never change, you can expect your inventory to grow, require regular changes and additions, and keep you on your toes. It’s a whole different story from a point of Sale POS approach, although they can communicate together and operate as a single system using a single resource, if needed. If your eCommerce Database is hosted on your web server somewhere, it’s ging to require administration via the Internet, and that presents some issues for development as well as ongoing maintenance. Continue reading

How To Send Data From Flash To ASP/PHP Without A Page Refresh

This article will deal the how to of sending form data from Adobe Flash to your PHP/ASP file so it can be inserted into a database (or manipulated for whatever other reason). The trick is making sure a new window doesn’t popup and the page doesn’t refresh to run through the ASP/PHP code. That’s the one issue I’ve noticed with some downloadable example of contact or email form examples. A new window pops up and often says, Thanks for the email! I’ll give a really bare-bones example where no new windows popup and the window containing your Flash isn’t refresh. This articles example will show an example done in ASP, but this will work with any other programming language.

NOTE: This is not for beginners.


  • Flash File
  • HTML with Flash File
  • ASP/PHP/etc Page That Will Process Form Data
  • HTML page with Frames.


What we’re going to do is set up a Flash File that will simply send form data to an ASP file. Our HTML page with frames will have two frames. One frame will contain the HTML with our Flash, the second will contain a sandbox that will allow the ASP file to refresh without ever affecting the main page we’re browsing. We’re going to hide the second frame so that we don’t ever see the refreshes happening.

I know what you’re thinking, frames are lame. In our example though, you won’t even notice it being there.

Flash File

Create a new Flash file, select the first blank frame you’re given, bring up the ActionScript window and copy and paste the following code:

varsToSend = new LoadVars();

stop – makes sure that your Flash movie doesn’t loop and constantly send “Pat-Burt” to your ASP file.
varsToSend – our LoadVars() object that contains all the variables we’ll be sending to our ASP file.
firstVar – a variable, you can have any number of these.
send – sends the vars in varsToSend to intoDatabase.asp
process – the frame name (we’ll use this later)
post – how we’re sending the data to the database

HTML Frame Page

Create a new HTML page, strip the body tags and throw this in:

<FRAMESET rows=”100%, 1″ >
<FRAME src=”flash.html” name=”flash” noresize frameborder=”0″>
<FRAME src=”
intoDatabase.asp” name=”process” noresize scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″>

Frameset – creates the frames, defines the first to have 100% height, and the second to have a height of 1 pixel.
flash.html – Our HTML file with our Flash file inserted. It is named “flash”.
process.html – Our HTML file where our ASP file will be reloaded to insert data into the database. It’s located in the frame sized as 1 pixel.

ASP File

This is the simplest version I could present. Keep in mind you will need to define db which should reference your connection string to your database.

db.execute(”INSERT INTO database (message) VALUES (’”&request.form(”firstVar”)&”‘)” )

request.form(”firstVar”) – the name of the variable in our Flash file
database – our database name
message – the column name in our database

HTML with Flash File

Insert your Flash file in whatever form you prefer. I recommend SWFObject.

Put Them All Together And Make Sure You…

  • Name the HTML file with your Flash: flash.html
  • Name your ASP file (in this example) to intoDatabase.asp
  • Provide a <noframes /> alternative where the page is loaded in a new window in the off chance someone has frames turned off
  • Don’t get to complicated. Get everything working in its simplest form before you add extra features

Good luck, hope that helps. By Patrick Burt