RE: Grant’s Rant: Hey Los Angeles Clippers, Tank You!

So do I think the Los Angeles Clippers dropped the last two games on purpose?  You bet I do. Do I have an issue with it?  Normally, yes.  I do.  But in this instance, no, I don't.  So they lose a seeding position but the intention was to avoid having to play a healthy Lakers team in the first round.  Smart move.  It gives them a chance to see what the Lakers are going to look like in the play in.  They'll play Dallas first and hopefully advance from there.  So for keeping it interesting, LA Clippers, Tank You!  

RE: Episode 65: Great golf talk with Damon Hack of the Golf Channel.

We met in Sacramento when Damon Hack was working for the local paper, the Sacramento Bee.  But from there his career has blossomed to Sports Illustrated and Newsday and The New York Times and we'll learn the story of how he ended up at The Golf Channel.  You'll learn about his passion project, Goats and Grapes, we'll talk about golf play, players and the future of the sport.  What golf discussion would be complete without a conversation about Tiger Woods?  We go there as well and talk about other star players including Rory Mcllroy, Bryson De Chambeau and more.  And if you've ever played, seen or wished you played St. Andrews old course, we'll talk about our experiences there.  An honest, no BS guy, Damon shares his reality of what he sees as the future of the game, the players and the experiences we can come to expect.  Golfer or not, you'll enjoy the conversation.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-17-21 The Sacramento Lotto’s aka Kings.

Well, they did it. The Sacramento Kings managed to make it 15 years in a row of losing seasons.  Hard to believe but it is what it is.  Interesting to see how well they played a few of the last games without De'Aaron Fox, Halyburton or Barnes.  Seems as if they really didn't even miss Fox.  And that's part of today's rant as well as what to do with Bagley, what to look forward to and why don't they just change the name to the Sacramento Lottery's?  Every year, that's what they're all about and finishing where they did brings the team and the city, yet another failed season.  Oh, and Walton, I have my suggestion for that too.  It's all in today's rant.  

RE: Episode 64: Heart over height. Spud Webb is proof.

Former Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks star Spud Webb is my guest today.  Not only is he a former star of the game, he's also been a friend for over 30 years.  We talk stories of old and Spud's playing days as well as catch up on what he's doing today in Dallas.  Not one to mince words, you'll also get his perspective on today's players vs players from 20-30 years back.  You may be surprised at what he has to say.  But the biggest surprise comes when you hear his accomplishments and scratch you head as to how a guy only 5'6″ could have been so competitive in a league of players over a foot taller.  Not to mention that slam dunk capability of his too.  He also has an opinion on that as well.  Join us.  I think you're going to have some laughs. 

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-14-21 NBA Play In Tournament means these games count Lebron!

Yes, this is going to be a fun weekend of basketball.  As a result of the play in tournament, players are going to have to hustle to get their teams into the playoffs.  And that means some folk are going to be happy this weekend and some are going to be not so happy.  Good job to the NBA for the play in tourney because the games mean something. And I have to acknowledge the Atlanta Hawks  who are currently fourth in the East after firing their head coach with a lot of dissent from Rick Carlisle.  Nate McMillan was the choice in the interim and he has done one helluva job.  Incredible.   I can't wait to see how far they can go.  All that said, looking forward to talking about the weekend next week as we head into the playoff season with every game counting.  Have some fun and enjoy the competition.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-13-21 NFL Scheduling…”easy” or not.

So here's the deal.  Don't get yourself all wound up on “easy” schedule or “challenging ” schedule.  There's no way you can determine that in May.  Or June.  Or ever.  Just look at what would have likely been considered a tough schedule if you were playing the San Francisco Forty Niners last year.  Yeah.  How did that turn out?  Injuries. They're not predictable.  They ruin your day, or weekend, or even your year if your team gets wracked.  Even all the way to the Super Bowl, ask Kansas City about schedules.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn't.  Injuries.  So, like I said, don't get too fired up about the schedules…yet.  Let's see who stays healthy and then start to draw some conclusions about what's easy or not.  You'll save yourself a lot of angst.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-11-21 Oh that poor horse!

You've heard it by now.  The Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit may have had an allegedly “illegal” substance in the blood stream.  The post race drug test showed trace amounts of a drug not allowed and now legendary trainer and multi-derby winner, Bob Baffert, has been suspended along with Medina Spirit.  And what is he worried about?  The horse's reputation. That's right.  The animal's reputation.  Like anyone cares about that.  The horse actually acted on its' own and behaved badly?  C'mon.  Baffert went on to say that the horse may have eaten hay contaminated by another horse's urine and that tainted his blood.  Now for that, I say stupid horse.  That could ruin your reputation. 

RE: Episode 63: Officially Perfect.

So you're watching a game, it's down to the last call of the game, name your sport, and the official makes a clearly bad call.  Personal foul, pass interference, offsides, you name it.  He/she gets berated by the fans, screamed at, harassed and everyone leaves angry.  Their jobs are tough, they're not going to be perfect.  As a matter of fact, sit down for this one, they're human.  That speaks volumes itself.  And one of those officials I respect and consider a friend is Tony Brown.  He has just announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has begun treatement.  Now, are there bad officials out there. You bet.  For Sacramento Kings fans you only have to mention Game 6, Lakers, 2002.  Enough said.  But my point today is to recognize they are, for the most part, consummate professionals doing their job and doing it to the best of their ability. They're upset at calls they make that are wrong, just like when a player may blow a pass, or drop a pass or jump offsides.  They do take their work personally.  They do take it seriously.  But like you and me, they're also human. Some have young children, others have family needs at home.  Just like you and I do.  So as you're watching your next game and the officiating is bad, remember, they make mistakes too.  It's fine to get angry and frustrated and even pissed off but let it go after the game.  If officials will never be perfect.  And if you get a chance, send some good thoughts to a good guy and good official, Tony Brown.  Like every other human in pain, he could use a little hope and something positive right now.  

RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-10-21 The NFL Players Legacy.

Well, there used to be a time when a player would stay with one team as long as the team wanted him and he was playing well.  And if you could grow old there, it built your legacy.  Like Joe Montana with the 49er's or Bret Favre with the Green Bay Packer. Not ol' Aaron Rodgers though, no, he's going to ask that the GM leave.or he retires or gets traded away.  This practice has become far too common-place for us to ignore it.  The fans lose, the team loses and the city loses when this continues.  Don't you agree?