RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-24-21 When does 2 minutes equal half an hour?

If you're like me, you like to see things move along in their normal course of action with little interruption.  Like basketball or baseball or football.  But in every sport, the instant replay is getting in the way and slowing the game down as well as any momentum a team may have been getting going into the replay. The noise on the Phoenix Suns vs LA Clippers earlier in the week where the last two minutes of the game took 30 minutes, yes, count 'em, 30 minutes, a full half-hour to play out the last two minutes is ridiculous.  Especially in the last two minutes where every little bit of momentum makes a world of difference.  This has to stop or the league is going to continue to lose viewers if for no other reason than they got tired of waiting.  I want to know how you feel about it to text me, hit me up on YouTube and leave me a comment.  You know where I stand, I would love to hear from you.