RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-23-21 Josh Smith shows exposes a dark side.

Apparently, Josh Smith has an issue with previous coaches and this time it's a vulgarity laced rip on Doc Rivers and his performance in game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks where his Philadelphia 76ers simply fell apart.  Smith squarely sets aim on Rivers as a phony.  In an embarrassing and disgusting use of language, including the “N” word prolifically, Smith blames and bashes Rivers for his lack of in-game adjustments and then attacks him personally as well.  I've got quite a bit to say about this but the bottom line is how embarrassing and low are things going to get in the NBA when this is what fans and even kids are hearing from former players?  How low have we stooped generally in society when this is the kind of attention these people get? I'm disgusted and this is truly disgraceful to the NBA, the players and the coaches.  I think Josh Smith is cementing his legacy in showing who he really is and diminishing any of the positive things he left on the court.  A shame.