RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-18-21 Lebron for NBA Commissioner.

So Lebron is spoutin' off about his “warning” the NBA there would be injuries due to the players not getting enough rest and playing too much.  Really Lebron?  What kind of crap is that?  Players play in the Olympics and then come back and play in the regular season.  They don't seem to mind. YOU didn't seem to mind when you played in the Olympics now did you? And what about the players that play in summer leagues overseas?  They don't seem to mind.  This was a shortened season due to to the pandemic and yet you're saying injuries are due to too much play?  Oh c'mon Lebron. Who are you kidding? The NBA has some of the best trained and most athletic players in sports.  Are there more injuries this year than years past?  You should know if you're going to make that kind of a statement.  If anything, the injuries would be more a result of playing less and not staying in shape.  Can you just please, keep your mouth shut and quit trying to have an opinion on everything?  Maybe you should be the NBA Commissioner.  Then you could speak up.  But for now, we're tired of hearing your yappin'.  Enough already.