RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-8-21 Karma is a bitch.

First it was James Harden acting like a child in his process to get out of the Houston Rockets.  Immature and unprofessional.  Now his team is in the playoffs and he's sidelined with a hamstring pull.  May not be able to play in the playoffs likley hurting the Brooklyn Nets chances of advancing to the next round. Karma is a bitch James.  
Then it was Lebron James mouthing off about the play-in program and how stupid it was, not to mention all the hypocritical comments about so many other issues in the news.  Well, first round elimination has to be the payback for both Lebron and his team, the Los Angeles Lakers.  Yes, Karma is a bitch Lebron.
And how about Luka Doncic?  He and his owner and his head coach all had a lot to say about the stupid play-in series.  There you go Luka, Mark and Rick. Karma is a bitch.
And I have to add the asterisk to the mouth of Rick Carlisle on his comments about Atlanta changing out their talented young coach for Nate McMillan.  Rick, your team blew a 2-0 lead in the first round and is now watching the rest of the playoffs from home.  As a matter of fact Rick, those “insane” Atlanta Hawks with the “insane” front office and “insane” management you were so inappropriately critical of, have now advanced into the second round and have already won their first game.  Now how about that?  They actually did something that wasn't insane by expecting a different outcome from doing something different vs doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  Good for them.  Bad for you, Rick.  Karma is a bitch.