RE: Grant’s Rant: 6-2-21 Not a Chip off the ol’ block in Atlanta.

So Marcell Ozuna has a problem and it's not his fingers that are creating an issue.  Although Chip Caray appears to intend for you to believe that's the case. (Yes, that's Chip Caray, grandson of Harry, son of Skip.)  No Chip, Marcell is likely not in “Injury Limbo” as you call it.  Marcell was arrested for aggravated assault strangulation of his wife.  His wife may be in injury limbo but not Marcell. He's got bigger issues than just his injured fingers.  Yet, you chose to minimize the severity of the charges he's facing and the real reason he's not going to be on the field any time soon.   These are serious allegations that were masked by your comments and need to be dealt with as critically in the broadcast booth as they would anywhere else.   And I would bet your relatives would agree as well.