RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-27-21 Hey Olympians, just do what got you there, nothing more.

In a rare move of leadership, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did what they should do and they took a stand stating: there will be no political, religious or racial demonstrations allowed to take place.  Well now.  I applaud that move.  That's exactly how it should be and I'll watch.  And at the first sign of anything other than the sport, I'll not watch.  That simple.  I want to see the athletic performance and the efforts and the games.  Period.  And I suspect the sheer reason the IOC is doing this,  is because I'm not alone.  The Olympic games are just that. Not a forum for athletes to spread a message that has nothing to do with the reason they are there.  Respect that and the other countries you're competing with.  Agree/disagree?  Reach out to me on Twitter or YouTube and let's talk about it.