RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-14-21 NBA Play In Tournament means these games count Lebron!

Yes, this is going to be a fun weekend of basketball.  As a result of the play in tournament, players are going to have to hustle to get their teams into the playoffs.  And that means some folk are going to be happy this weekend and some are going to be not so happy.  Good job to the NBA for the play in tourney because the games mean something. And I have to acknowledge the Atlanta Hawks  who are currently fourth in the East after firing their head coach with a lot of dissent from Rick Carlisle.  Nate McMillan was the choice in the interim and he has done one helluva job.  Incredible.   I can't wait to see how far they can go.  All that said, looking forward to talking about the weekend next week as we head into the playoff season with every game counting.  Have some fun and enjoy the competition.