RE: Grant’s Rant: 5-13-21 NFL Scheduling…”easy” or not.

So here's the deal.  Don't get yourself all wound up on “easy” schedule or “challenging ” schedule.  There's no way you can determine that in May.  Or June.  Or ever.  Just look at what would have likely been considered a tough schedule if you were playing the San Francisco Forty Niners last year.  Yeah.  How did that turn out?  Injuries. They're not predictable.  They ruin your day, or weekend, or even your year if your team gets wracked.  Even all the way to the Super Bowl, ask Kansas City about schedules.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn't.  Injuries.  So, like I said, don't get too fired up about the schedules…yet.  Let's see who stays healthy and then start to draw some conclusions about what's easy or not.  You'll save yourself a lot of angst.