RE: Episode 61: Aaron is whinin’ and Lebron is complainin’. Oh C’mon now.

So what is it really?  What do you want Aaron?  What soured you on the Green Bay Packers and who do you think you are anyway?  Fire the GM?  Yeah right.  Like that's your call.  I sure hope it's not.  Just go retire and be quiet.  And then there's Lebron James with the Lakers mouthing off again after a couple of rough losses.  Too bad bud.  Yeah, you're slipping into the lower tier of  teams for the “play in” to the playoffs.  Funny, when you were top seeded and looking good, you had no problem with it.  All of a sudden , now you're screamin' about how stupid it is.  We're going to talk about that a bit today as well as sharing some comments from Terry Bradshaw about the NFL QB's.  We have a lot in common.  Let's talk about it all a bit and let me know your thoughts as well.