RE: Grant’s Rant: 3-26-21 Marvin Bagley’s father is a man of faith.

We now know Marvins Bagley's father is a man of faith.  That's right.  He had prayers going out on his twitter feed of hands praying.  Unfortunately, they weren't prayers that were answered for him as Marvin is still a Sacramento King.  Now, on the flipside of that Mr. Bagley, we've got nothing against your son and I think he's going to grow up to be in the league playing for years to come.  You, however, sir also need to grow up and those same praying hand emojis are exactly what Sacramento Kings fans were sharing in the hopes that you would be traded to another team and leave this alone.  Take your immaturity and ignorance and lack of comprehension of the game somewhere else and you'll see those hands go from prayer emojis to clapping hand emojis immediately.  Please go away and quit embarrassing Marvin.