RE: Grant’s Rant: 2-9-21 Why all the talk about Superbowl team coordinators becoming head coaches?

Right now, the social media space is heating up with all the talk about Todd Bowles being a head coach. Why is it that when a team gets into the Superbowl, the coordinators, offesive, defensive, are then almost expected to be ready to be head coaches somewhere? And more so, like Todd Bowles of Tampa Bay or Eric Bieniemy of Kansas City, why all this distinction about race? Really? Isn’t it about that quality of coaching that person brings to the table and then demonstrates in an interview? Enough about it already. Let’s give the consideration to the most talented and likely to succeed. Right now there are many black assistant coaches, coordinators and other personnel in the league and each and every one of them deserves the opportunity to grow into the next position of advancement. But let’s, please, evaluate talent on the basis of skill and all the other attributes of great coaches as opposed to just expecting that since they got to the Superbowl that they deserve to be a head coach. Oh boy, I have more to say in today’s podcast. This one really fires me up!