RE: Grant’s Rant: 1-12-21 What is going on with Kyrie Irving?

Seriously now. If you or I had acted the way Kyrie Irving is acting, we would no longer have our jobs. We get paid, we go to work and we support our “team” …our company, our fellow workers, right? So why does the NBA allow this sort of behavior to continue? Why do these players the team so desperately needs for many reasons, get to simply disappear? What’s with Kyrie anyhow? C’mon, if you need help, get it and we’ll all understand but this just not showing up is unacceptable. Enough already Kyrie. Time to play ball. Show up. And the same for the league. Stop it already. Get control of your players and hold them accountable. I’ve got more to say about it all in today’s rant.