RE: Episode 25: 2020. What a year it has been.

First it started off on the very first day of the year. David Stern, NBA Commissioner passes. A wonderful human being responsible for Sacramento still having the Kings and Golden One Center. Then Kobe. Then the SF 49er’s lose a SuperBowl they should have won. Then COVID shuts everything down. Then April with no Masters, no basketball, no baseball. Then May. Tough month for me as my career as I knew it ended. Then the bubble and the Sacramento Kings evaporate. Then Vlade Divac is replaced. And here we are now staring into a new year just days away. How have you made a difference in even just one person’s life? Listen in today as we discuss the year behind us and what’s in store for both Friday and some glimpse into the future. I need to share how much I appreciate you and your listening to the podcast. It’s a huge bright spot for me to be able to stay connected and a part of the sports world. So, thank you!

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