RE: Grant’s Rant: 12-18-20 Zion Williamson 19th on ESPN ranking? Not my rant today.

OK, so if you’re following me on Twitter, you know I was looking to hear from you on what you think would make a good rant. Well, welcome Nando Diaz since his response was spot on and Nando is now my first fan guest rant ever. I agree it’s a good rant. Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans 19th on the ESPN list? C’mon. He’s not even played a full year. You’ll love hearing Nando’s story, my interpretation of how this rant should go (It’s on my video rant today) and a little more talk about some of Nando’s teams. We’re going to engage you all a little bit more like this on occasion so be sure you’re following me on Twitter. I think you’re going to enjoy it.