RE: Grant’s Rant: 12-14-20 Harry Giles III has a little rant of his own.

Well, surely it’s a little early to tell if the Sacramento Kings and Monte McNair would have like to have seen Harry Giles still in Sacramento but Harry now has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. And if he can continue his play like he did the last two games against the Kings, not only are the Portland Trailblazers going to be happy about, it will be yet another loss for the Kings and one I ranted about when they made the trade. Harry had his own little rant after the game last night as he went social with how he feels but here’s the deal, yeah, 37 points and 27 rebounds is good, but it’s still pre-season. Let’s get into the season and let Harry speak with action, not words. It’s still too early to tell. That and more on today’s rant.