RE: Grant’s Rant: 12-2-20 Buddy Hield off the bench for the Sacramento Kings?

Look, I really like Buddy and you’ll hear more about that in today’s rant but Monte McNair, Sacramento Kings General Manager says all is good. I don’t think so. Covid is beginning to rear it’s ugly head in the NBA just weeks before the season is supposed to start and some of the players are complaining about having to play. Buddy wasn’t happy about playing off the bench last year but that strategy was working. NBA players need to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Fans are frustrated, stretching to buy or keep their tickets if they choose to continue to keep them. Some are tired of multimillionaire athletes complaining while they have to scrape together are few bucks and skip a meal to attend a game. And then there’s the Sacramento Kings doing what they do so frequently. Starting over. Again. New GM, fairly new coach and staff and a new mix of players now looking at a different strategy. Or not. We shall see. More in today’s rant.