How To Clear Apple Mail Cache

Are you sick and tired of Apple Mail displaying old images instead of new, updated images? If you are sending emails and need t tsp your layout or template, and especially if you work through numerous iterations of email testing, your Apple Mail Image Cache can be a real pain! Sure, it would be nice if Apple had a handy button that actually worked to clear the cache, but they seem more concerned with the impression of speed and performance, than the quality of content. Follow the directions below to clear your Apple Mail Cache manually.

Simply follow the two steps below to clear your cache and return to email testing. Your must quit mail before deleting the cache file, else it will disallow the Empty Trash request, saying the file is still in use. When Mail is restarted, it will create an empty ache file, and you will see the new images load. For faster cache deletion, make an alias of the folder and place it somewhere easily accessible. For some, it is easier to create a bash script to do the work for you. For yet others, create a scheduled task that deletes the file every day or even every hour. How about a way to limit the size of the cache and delete it when the limit is exceeded? How about Apple give us a feature to limit the size and a button to delete it, but perhaps that’s asking too much?

  1. Quit mail
  2. Delete Cache.db in Users/YourUserName/Library/Caches/