Header Content-Type: Declaration Options

Just a reference for Content-Type declarations in headers…

MIME Type Description
text/plain Plain text. Default if data is primarily text and no other type detected.
text/html HTML. Default if common tags detected and server does not supply image/* type.
text/xml XML data. Default if data specifies <?xml with an unrecognized DTD.
text/richtext Rich Text Format (RTF).
text/scriptlet Windows script component.
audio/x-aiff Audio Interchange File, Macintosh.
audio/basic Audio file, UNIX.
audio/mid Windows Internet Explorer 7 and later. MIDI sequence.
audio/wav Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Wave audio, Windows.
image/gif Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).
image/jpeg JPEG image.
image/pjpeg Default type for JPEG images.
image/png Internet Explorer 7 and later. Portable Network Graphics (PNG).
image/x-png Internet Explorer 7 and later. Default type for PNG images.
image/tiff Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) image.
image/bmp Bitmap (BMP) image.
image/x-xbitmap Removed from Windows Internet Explorer 8.
image/x-jg AOL Johnson-Grace compressed file.
image/x-emf Enhanced Metafile (EMF).
image/x-wmf Windows Metafile Format (WMF).
video/avi Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI) file.
video/mpeg MPEG stream file.
application/octet-stream Binary file. Default if data is primarily binary.
application/postscript PostScript (.ai, .eps, or .ps) file.
application/base64 Base64-encoded bytes.
application/macbinhex40 BinHex for Macintosh.
application/pdf Portable Document Format (PDF).
application/xml XML data. Must be server-supplied. See also “text/xml” type.
application/atom+xml Internet Explorer 7 and later. Atom Syndication Format feed.
application/rss+xml Internet Explorer 7 and later. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed.
application/x-compressed UNIX tar file, Gzipped.
application/x-zip-compressed Compressed archive file.
application/x-gzip-compressed Gzip compressed archive file.
application/java Java applet.
application/x-msdownload Executable (.exe or .dll) file.



Type application
For Multipurpose files:
application/atom+xml: Atom feeds
application/ecmascript: ECMAScript/JavaScript; Defined in RFC (equivalent to application/javascript but with stricter processing rules)
application/EDI-X: EDI X data; Defined in RFC
application/EDIFACT: EDI EDIFACT data; Defined in RFC
application/json: JavaScript Object Notation JSON; Defined in RFC
application/javascript: ECMAScript/JavaScript; Defined in RFC (equivalent to application/ecmascript but with looser processing rules) It is not accepted in IE or earlier – text/javascript is accepted but it is defined as obsolete in RFC . The “type” attribute of the <script> tag in HTML is optional and in practice omitting the media type of JavaScript programs is the most interoperable solution since all browsers have always assumed the correct default even before HTML.
application/octet-stream: Arbitrary binary data. Generally speaking this type identifies files that are not associated with a specific application. Contrary to past assumptions by software packages such as Apache this is not a type that should be applied to unknown files. In such a case, a server or application should not indicate a content type, as it may be incorrect, but rather, should omit the type in order to allow the recipient to guess the type.
application/ogg: Ogg, a multimedia bitstream container format; Defined in RFC
application/pdf: Portable Document Format, PDF has been in use for document exchange on the Internet since ; Defined in RFC
application/postscript: PostScript; Defined in RFC
application/rdf+xml: Resource Description Framework; Defined by RFC
application/rss+xml: RSS feeds
application/soap+xml: SOAP; Defined by RFC
application/font-woff: Web Open Font Format; (candidate recommendation; use application/x-font-woff until standard is official)
application/xhtml+xml: XHTML; Defined by RFC
application/xml-dtd: DTD files; Defined by RFC
application/zip: ZIP archive files; Registered
application/x-gzip: Gzip
Type audio
audio/basic: mulaw audio at kHz, channel; Defined in RFC
audio/L: bit Linear PCM audio at -kHz, -N channels; Defined in RFC
audio/mp: MP audio
audio/mpeg: MP or other MPEG audio; Defined in RFC
audio/ogg: Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Flac and other audio; Defined in RFC
audio/vorbis: Vorbis encoded audio; Defined in RFC
audio/x-ms-wma: Windows Media Audio; Documented in MS kb
audio/x-ms-wax: Windows Media Audio Redirector; Documented in MS kb
audio/vnd.rn-realaudio: RealAudio; Documented in RealPlayer Help
audio/vnd.wave: WAV audio; Defined in RFC
audio/webm: WebM open media format
Type image
image/gif: GIF image; Defined in RFC and RFC
image/jpeg: JPEG JFIF image; Defined in RFC and RFC
image/pjpeg: JPEG JFIF image; Associated with Internet Explorer; Listed in ms(v=vs.) – Progressive JPEG, initiated before global browser support for progressive JPEGs (Microsoft and Firefox).
image/png: Portable Network Graphics; Registered, Defined in RFC
image/svg+xml: SVG vector image; Defined in SVG Tiny . Specification Appendix M
image/tiff: Tag Image File Format (only for Baseline TIFF); Defined in RFC
image/vnd.microsoft.icon: ICO image; Registered
Type message
message/http: Defined in RFC
message/imdn+xml: IMDN Instant Message Disposition Notification; Defined in RFC
message/partial: Email; Defined in RFC and RFC
message/rfc: Email; EML files, MIME files, MHT files, MHTML files; Defined in RFC and RFC
Type model
For D models.
model/example: Defined in RFC
model/iges: IGS files, IGES files; Defined in RFC
model/mesh: MSH files, MESH files; Defined in RFC , SILO files
model/vrml: WRL files, VRML files; Defined in RFC
model/xd+binary: XD ISO standard for representing D computer graphics, XDB binary files
model/xd+vrml: XD ISO standard for representing D computer graphics, XDV VRML files
model/xd+xml: XD ISO standard for representing D computer graphics, XD XML files
Type multipart
For archives and other objects made of more than one part.
multipart/mixed: MIME Email; Defined in RFC and RFC
multipart/alternative: MIME Email; Defined in RFC and RFC
multipart/related: MIME Email; Defined in RFC and used by MHTML (HTML mail)
multipart/form-data: MIME Webform; Defined in RFC
multipart/signed: Defined in RFC
multipart/encrypted: Defined in RFC
Type text
For human-readable text and source code.
text/cmd: commands; subtype resident in Gecko browsers like Firefox .
text/css: Cascading Style Sheets; Defined in RFC
text/csv: Comma-separated values; Defined in RFC
text/html: HTML; Defined in RFC
text/javascript (Obsolete): JavaScript; Defined in and obsoleted by RFC in order to discourage its usage in favor of application/javascript. However, text/javascript is allowed in HTML and and, unlike application/javascript, has cross-browser support. The “type” attribute of the <script> tag in HTML is optional and there is no need to use it at all since all browsers have always assumed the correct default (even in HTML where it was required by the specification).
text/plain: Textual data; Defined in RFC and RFC
text/vcard: vCard (contact information); Defined in RFC
text/xml: Extensible Markup Language; Defined in RFC
Type video
video/mpeg: MPEG- video with multiplexed audio; Defined in RFC and RFC
video/mp: MP video; Defined in RFC
video/ogg: Ogg Theora or other video (with audio); Defined in RFC
video/quicktime: QuickTime video; Registered
video/webm: WebM Matroska-based open media format
video/x-matroska: Matroska open media format
video/x-ms-wmv: Windows Media Video; Documented in Microsoft KB
video/x-flv: Flash video (FLV files)
List of common media subtype prefixes

Prefix vnd – For vendor-specific files.
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text: OpenDocument Text; Registered
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet: OpenDocument Spreadsheet; Registered
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation: OpenDocument Presentation; Registered
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.graphics: OpenDocument Graphics; Registered
application/vnd.ms-excel: Microsoft Excel files
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet: Microsoft Excel files
application/vnd.ms-powerpoint: Microsoft Powerpoint files
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation: Microsoft Powerpoint files
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document: Microsoft Word files
application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml: Mozilla XUL files
application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml: KML files (e.g. for Google Earth)
Prefix x – For non-standard files.
application/x-www-form-urlencoded Form Encoded Data; Documented in HTML . Specification, Section …
application/x-dvi: device-independent document in DVI format
application/x-latex: LaTeX files
application/x-font-ttf: TrueType Font No registered MIME type, but this is the most commonly used
application/x-shockwave-flash: Adobe Flash files for example with the extension .swf
application/x-stuffit: StuffIt archive files
application/x-rar-compressed: RAR archive files
application/x-tar: Tarball files
text/x-gwt-rpc: GoogleWebToolkit data
text/x-jquery-tmpl: jQuery template data
application/x-deb: deb (file format), a software package format used by the Debian project
audio/x-aac: .aac audio files
audio/x-caf: Apple’s CAF audio files
application/x-mpegURL: .mu variant playlist
image/x-xcf: GIMP image file
Prefix x-pkcs – For PKCS standard files.
application/x-pkcs: p files
application/x-pkcs: pfx files
application/x-pkcs-certificates: pb files
application/x-pkcs-certificates: spc files
application/x-pkcs-certreqresp: pr files
application/x-pkcs-mime: pc files
application/x-pkcs-mime: pm files
application/x-pkcs-signature: ps files