A friend emailed the following list of old predictions about the iPhone, which we thought too funny to not share.

The iPhone is 5 years old. Here are some predictions from the pundits when it was released:

“I think [iPhone is] going to be a flop. It’s beautiful, no doubt, but people need the tactile feedback of keys.” – Michael Robertson, founder of MP3.com, Linspire, and SIPphone

“The iPhone will not substantially alter the fundamental structure and challenges of the mobile industry.” – Charles Golvin, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

“Historically, working with partners hasn’t been a strong point for Apple, so maybe it will find a way to work around those relationships…it’s just another iPod trying to be a phone.” – Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division

“[iPhone] runs the Mac OS. This is a major constraint, since few third-party application vendors run on the Mac.” – Jack Gold, columnist at pcadvisor.co.uk

“Apple will sell a few to its fans, but the iPhone won’t make a long-term mark on the industry.” – Matthew Lynn, Bloomberg News columnist

“As customers start to realise that the competition offers better functionality at a lower price, by negotiating a better subsidy, sales will stagnate. After a year a new version will be launched, but it will lack the innovation of the first and quickly vanish. The only question remaining is if, when the iPod phone fails, will it take the iPod with it.” – Bill Ray, columnist for theregister.co.uk

“There is no capacity for outputting video, via Apple dock, cable or third-party accessory. Thank God the iPhone has a spacious screen, cuz that’s all your ever gonna watch it’s videos on, ever.” – Gizmodo

“Prediction No. 1: The iPhone will be a major disappointment.” Al Ries of adage.com

“I can tell you with near-certainty one thing: the product was almost certainly rushed to market before Apple’s engineers would have liked. Which means that when the iPhone comes, Digg will likely be full of horror stories from the poor saps who camped out at their local AT&T store, only to find their purchase was buggier than a camp cabin.” – Seth Porges, columnist at crunchgear.com

“Bookmark this page and come back in December 2008 if Apple sells anywhere near the 10M phones they’re targeting… I am not impressed by their phone, and I’m surprised so many otherwise intelligent people think this is a watershed for the industry.” – blog of Richard Sprague, Senior Director of Marketing at Microsoft Research

“Apple won’t succeed with the iPhone. They’ve launched an innovation that the existing players in the industry are heavily motivated to beat: It’s not [truly] disruptive. History speaks pretty loudly on that, that the probability of success is going to be limited.” – Clayton Christensen, author of “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and professor at the Harvard Business School

“Anyway, that’s my prediction and I felt like getting it in early – I don’t want to be seen jumping on bandwagons after everyone else suddenly realises that the iPhone is a flop.” – Geoff Long, columnist for commsday.com

“Much like the Mac Cube, the iPhone is beautiful in design and highly overpriced…and will fail. It may not be the last of the phones coming out from Apple, but it will be a high visibility failure for a first product of its line.” – blogger Steve Kong of ultramookie.com

“Get your broker on the phone if you own Apple stock; by mid July, you’re going to want to be out.” – Christopher Mims, Special Projects Editor at Scientific American, 4 June 2007

“Boy was I ever wrong.” – Christopher Mims, 23 July 2007