Email Marketing Campaigns Using PHP & MySQL

The PHP Kemist builds custom email marketing systems using PHP & MySQL programming. Reaching your member base and new customer potential is important to growing an eCommerce website. Traditional methods of email marketing can lack saturation, ignore data tracking and analysis, and defeat the main purpose of email marketing. Our custom email marketing systems provide a detailed level of design and development with granular tracking on custom marketing elements.

Our designs are completely custom and developed to display consistently across multiple platforms and browsers/readers and various versions of each. Optimizing the display of your email campaigns is critical for achieving higher conversion rates. Allowing your recipients the opportunity to identify your email content instantly and without images loaded is important for recipients to decide if they want to give your email the time of day. If inspired to load images and read more, your chances of conversion increase. If the images and content are in line with the expectations and interests of recipients, conversion potential increases again. If the customer clicks on an email marketing link and finds the destination content appealing, conversion potential continues to increase and can affect other products in your site. Once the recipient converts into a shopper, website marketing and funneling takes over.

Critical to defining the success or failure of an email marketing campaign is the tracking data that returns from each campaign. This is a layer of development that separates the rudimentary email marketing campaigns into basic and advanced, which is usually the determining factor for ongoing successful email marketing campaigns.

Our custom tracking systems associate email views and clicks to the recipient and the individual campaign. Each link is tracked to different web locations including specific products or services, category and splash page levels, the home page, opt in/out follow-up systems, and a web version of the email they received. Reporting systems can summarize the view rates, click rates for each link type, and continue into granular reports for any aspect of the email marketing campaign. eCommerce systems track views through to clocks through to purchases where profit calculations and inventory analyses can provide the critical numbers that define success and failure.

Simply reaching the volumes of potential recipients with an email is just not enough to define success. Success is defined in terms of conversions and profits. There are Other aspects to successful email marketing and the development behind them, but the bottom line is conversions. If you are interested in marketing to you member base and want to know more, call us at 801-253-2564 and we can help.