Security Developers Language Preferences

PHP Programming is frequently misunderstood and misperceived as less than the powerful and secure programming language that it is. Much like the distinct preference bikers adhere to, with a built-in dislike for what others ride, regardless of the facts… Programmers and wannabe programmers tend to adhere to what they were first exposed to or what their first development teams advised them on. Administration types who lack programming or development knowledge learn key phrases and tag lines from exposure to security developers and security programmers. When vanity and declarations of superiority become necessary for these administrators, the gloves come out and they defend what little they understand without regard to the facts. This holds true for all development languages, programmers and administrators alike.

The same approach the Apple company used to infiltrate schools with subsidized Apple/Mac computers to sway the future computer buyers into avoiding Windows and Microsoft computers, developers promote and advise their preferred development languages and environments to underlings and newbies. The result is a hillbilly feud-like separation of minds that battle technical verbiage and minor technical details to defend their points. Unfortunately, the underlying result is the lack of consideration for the customers paying for secure development and secure programming.

With age, experience, and losing the proverbial “chip on the shoulder,” programmers and developers become more tuned into the needs of the customer over their lines in the sand. PHP security developers provide a wide array of development and programming advantages that must be weighed by project leaders and administrators alike. PHP applications can be run as independent applications as opposed to web applications. PHP offers advanced encryption, and amazing functionality.

The PHP Kemist PHP Programming firm specializes in Security PHP Programming and would be perceived as jaded toward the PHP programming language. The truth is that we turn down projects requiring other languages without persuading customers to change development environments. We provide factual information to customers and let them choose their path. There is no long term advantage to forcing a customer to go against their desires, except for the unscrupulous and greedy developers who would ignore the needs of the customers to gain immediate financial advantage. The PHP Kemist seeks customers who are best suited for the PHP development environment and want to crete long lasting and happy relationships.

Anyone considering web application development should address the facts of their options before making a final decision and starting secure development. Do not let anyone influence your decision with emotional drama or personal rhetoric. Consume feedback from multiple security developers and security programmers, evaluate the facts from reliable sources, review the advantages in correlation to the Big Picture for the company goals, and then make a decision.