Utah Web Developers

The PHP Kemist provides advanced web site development and is located in Utah. Web developers differ from web programmers and we offer both. It is important to understand the difference between web developers and web programmers. Developers are often mistaken as programmers, and web developers might mistake themselves for web programmers.

Web developers provide graphical interface layout services and simple static navigation for web sites. This is a crucial step in web development, but is a fraction of the work required to build an eCommerce shopping cart web site or a member management web site. It is a very small component of web site administration.

Web programmers provide the functionality, interactivity, and server-side functions that make web site development come to life. PHP web programming and MySQL database programming are the life of a website, which requires the web developers handing their static development to the web programmers. Web programming typically constitutes 80%-90% of a web site project. This is where web site owners get into trouble when web developers are perceived as the only requirement for developing a web site. Once they finish their web development, developers typically search for a web programmer and the disconnect begins.

If the web programmers are not defined in the initial project scope, the cost for building the web site can suddenly increase. If the web developers have charged a premium for their services, possibly having billed as “programmers,” the bulk of the project may lie hidden and waiting to bite the web site owner in the rear. Often, web developers are not savvy to the details or amount of work required for expert web programming. Estimates can be way off the mark and mislead web site owners. Web site projects that start this way often end in disaster.

If web site development neglects the programming requirements and the web site project arrives at the programming junction, the project ends up re-evaluated, and creates problems. If web developers have managed the project, and if billing is bloated from misperception, it is common for the web developers to short-change the programmers or to seek inexpensive and low quality web programmers overseas. Either way, the project development typically ends up looking clean and interesting with lacking functionality, poor or absent security, and eventually a disgruntled web site owner.

Web developers who are also web programmers offer the best solution for proper web development with advanced functionality. It is unfortunate that many web developers mistake themselves for programmers, and the caveats weigh on the shoulders of web site owners. Project finance management requires web site owners knowing the costs for development, programming, security and other aspects of project development. Owners must determine whether the development team is truly capable of providing programming, database development, security programming, and see the web site through to completion within budget.

If you have questions about your project scope and the requirements for successful web site completion, call us at 801-253-2564 and we’ll help. Don’t wait until your project is in crisis before knowing your options and avoid the frustration of wasting your money in incorrectly planned web development.